Multiphase Approach

So far we have been discussing the most primitive of improvement initiatives—the individual project. The next level of simplicity will be a series of phases within the project each focused on improving the same process but from a different perspective. In other words a single improvement project can include different approaches to the same problem. These approaches are most likely dependent upon one another, as illustrated in Figure 6.2

When it is decided that an improvement program for Process A is to be undertaken, a prioritization of 12 improvement initiatives is established. They are dependent upon one another as shown in Figure 6.2. The same reasoning that led to the contingencies in Figure 6.1 applies here. For example, Projects Al, A2, and A3 are run concurrently. The results of Al and A2 determine if and how Projects Al .1 and A 2.1 will be conducted. The results of Project A2.1 will determine which of Projects A2.1.1 and A2.1.2 will be done and how. As in Figure 6.1, all project planning is done just-in-time.

Figure 6.2 A series of dependent improvement initiatives.

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