Appendix Maturity Assessment Questionnaire

The Maturity Assessment Questionnaire consists of more than 800 questions divided into 39 project management processes grouped by knowledge area. Each process consists of a number of questions at each of the five maturity levels. The answers to each question are either "Yes," "No," or "Not Applicable." For ease in identification, the question numbers are composed of three parts. The first character in the number is a letter that denotes the knowledge area. The second digit denotes the maturity level to which the question applies. The final two digits are the question number within that process and maturity level. This codification gives each question a unique number and further identifies the role of the question in the questionnaire.

This version of the questionnaire was developed in collaboration with Bab-bage Simmel, an Ohio-based training and consulting organization, and is reproduced here with their permission. If you would like more information on how to use this in your organization contact Babbage Simmel at


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