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Rands in Repose web site, 183 ranking opportunities, 24-26 RASCI matrix, 119-121 real value versus perceived value, 12 recommendations lessons learned summary template, 178

relationship building, 104 remote work teams, 105-107 renegotiations at project handovers, 148-149 reporting issues, 105

project status, 116-117 requirements changes in, 122

resolution process issues, 105 resource dependencies defined, 59 resource leveling using Gantt charts, 73 resources books, blogs and web sites, 181-184 requirements, 156 responsibilities communicating in emails, 114 responsibility personal, 77 reviews meeting preparation, 142-143 of plans, 74

project closing, 139-140 stakeholders and change management, 127-129 rewarding collaboration, 104 risk management plans creating, 66-68 defined, 69

project plan template, 163 template, 164 risks about, 84-85 roles project handovers, 147-149 rolling wave in project planning, 5 time estimates, 62


(see also timelines) defined, 69

project plan template, 163 versus plans, 69 Schwaber, Ken

Agile Project Management with SCRUM, 181

scope customer orders case study, 31 defined, 2

project sign-off, 175 work breakdown structure, 71 scores (see key measures score; measures)

service level agreements (SLA)

project handovers, 152 service management versus project management, 9 sign-offs closing projects, 143-144 template, 175-176 skills

(see also project management skills) matrix of, 106 Slacker Manager web site, 184 SMAC

objectives, 47 soft value creation defined, 156 soft work making time for, 105 software

(see also tools)

and people problems, 11 for planning, 170-174 for project tracking, 174-175 for tracking issues, 117-119 in work breakdown structure, 72 sponsors (see project sponsors) stages (see controlling phase; executing phase; initiating phase; planning phase) stakeholder reviews change management, 127-129 stakeholders change review boards, 130 communicating contingency, 65 identifying, 33-39 in initiation phase, 4 plan reviews, 74 status updates, 116 tools and best practices, 39-42 stand-up meetings, 79 status of an issue, 168 status updates, 116-117

template, 169 stop, start, continue approach, 22 storming stage of team building, 101, 103 structure in communications, 97 styles

(see also preferences) leadership and management types, 110

success criteria defined, 43 project closing, 134

support contracts at closure phase, 6 supporting leadership and management style, 110 switching tasks time estimates, 64

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Project Management Made Easy

Project Management Made Easy

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