The role of the project manager

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In addition to competence in the application of the method, PRINCE2 requires the following skills in a project manager:

• leadership skills;

• to be able to deal with conflict;

• negotiation skills;

• ability to motivate;

• ability to solve problems.

PRINCE2 describes how the project manager can cooperate with the Project Board and the project team and which management responsibilities are required.

Many books have been published on the ideas behind PRINCE2. In the introductory chapter I have shown that we can look at PRINCE2 through four pairs of spectacles. I have also briefly mentioned a number of PRINCE2 concepts such as the project environment and the role of the project manager. The existing books describe PRINCE2 processes, themes and principles in particular. In this chapter I have added a fourth pair of spectacles, namely the PRINCE2 Project Management Documents. These spectacles show that during the PRINCE2 process steps, documents are generated that become the basis of the processes that follow. During these follow-on processes the documents are completed. In the rest of this book we follow the PRINCE2 processes by means of the Products Mandate, Project Brief, Project Initiation Document, Exceptions Report, Status Report (Project Board Report) and End Project Report. The next chapter considers the sequence of the documents. In addition I also look at duplication in the documents and at efficiency in the production of documents.

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