The project environment

PRINCE2 provides recommendations for use within an organisation. In addition, PRINCE2 also contains suggestions for the adaptation of a project so that each project can be precisely customized.

With the organisation and acceptance of PRINCE2, attention is directed to the following aspects in particular:

• ownership of the project management process;

• rules and guidelines for the scalability of PRINCE2;

• standards (documentation templates, definitions);

• training and development strategy;

• integration with business processes;

The project team itself adapts PRINCE2 to the specific circumstances of the project. In this the project team can be guided by:

• the independence of the project (or is it a subdivision of a programme?);

• the type of project (product development, policy, construction...);

• use of specific methods or frameworks in the project.

In addition the team will come to agreements about:

• roles to be allocated and responsibilities;

• project management products to be used;

• number, scope and nature of the stages;

• reporting and assessment;

• use of PRINCE2 processes.

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