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The previous section explains how a PPM tool is useful for working with building blocks. However, active support of building blocks is still lacking. A new development in this area is the 'SMART' templates and electronic project management forms. The project manager registers all data only once. Think, for example, of the description of the 'why' of the project. All documents containing these building blocks will use this source information.8 This partly addresses the drawback of having to write the same texts repeatedly. What is still lacking is the flexibility to compile a document based on existing building blocks and to add in text boxes and visual images. This is the added value of the documentation standard that I describe in this book.

One-off registration of information in the building blocks seems to support the consistency of the story-lines presented. Do 'SMART' building blocks have a future? I use the word 'seems' advisedly, for it begs the question of whether, at the start of the project, all information is already known. It is more of an iterative process, in which parallel creation of the building blocks occurs. The story-lines are an aid and a checking instrument for consistency. 'SMART' building blocks can hamper this creative process.

Intermediate forms are possible. The project owner can, for example, complete the Mandate with an electronic form. Automated checks further evaluate whether it meets the requirements of a project, or whether it relates to a maintenance task. Via the workflow of the PPM information system the Mandate subsequently arrives at the PMO.

Concrete suggestions and practical tips

• First organise, then computerise.

• Do not underestimate the implementation and deployment of a PPM aid for an organisation

8 Mandate, Business Case, Project Brief and Project initiation Document

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