Quality plan B



PID (D4)

Status Report (D6)

Highlights Report (D5)

End Project Report (D7)

Used in


Quality Plan <project name>


<Qual <Qual <Qual

y Cri ty Cr ty Cr ty Cr

teria terion 1> terion 2> terion n>

To be reviewed by:

<name 1> <name 2> <name n>

<Product name n>

<Qual <Qual <Qual

ty Cr ty Cr ty Cr

terion 1> terion 2> terion n>

<name 1> <name 2> <name n>

This building block describes the quality criteria for each product. It indicates, for each criterion, who will be responsible for reviewing it according to the PRINCE2 theme Quality (Th6). All products must be indicated in the Scope Building Block (B4).

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