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Project Team satisfaction of project manager's effort and results


Project Manager:

Evaluation Period:

Completed by:



How do you evaluate the: Score

How do you evaluate the: Score

1. Project set-up and organisational structure?

2. Project planning and control?

3. Effort of the project manager?

4. Finances and management?

5. Communication?

Average score =

Comments: (Think of points that can be improved, strong points and other comments)

The project team employees complete the Project Team Satisfaction form. Through this an insight is gained into how effectively the project manager has functioned. The combination of forms from different projects provides a basis for reviewing the respective project managers. In addition the Comments field provides the opportunity of identifying the strengths of the project manager and the lessons learned. The executives of the project manager can translate these lessons learned into development agreements.

The average of all Project Team and Customer Satisfaction forms (also refer to the Customer Satisfaction (B28) building block) of all projects and project managers provides a reliable impression of how the project management organisation is functioning.

In reverse the project manager — as the functioning executive — can give feedback to project employees. Conveying this information to the executive hierarchy from the project team member enables them to evaluate project team members on the basis of their effort in the project.

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