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The Lessons Report is a building block in the End Project Report. For a comprehensive report the project manager uses an independent Lessons Report (D12). Based on the strong and weak points in the project, lessons can be established for future projects.

To help compile this report the following questions may help you:

• Which management processes and procedures worked well?

• Which management processes and procedures caused problems?

• Was it simple to achieve the required quality?

• Which quality processes worked well?

• Are there any shortcomings to be found in the quality processes?

• Have the risk measures worked?

• Were there any risks that were not identified beforehand?

• Was the planned tolerance used?

• Was the training in management, quality, delivery processes and procedures adequate?

• Has the training produced visible advantages?

• Have the supporting tools proved their value?

With an ICT project the following subdivision is useful for the Lessons Report (D12):

project management;

• requirements;

• links between systems;

• data conversion;

• post implementation support;

• infrastructure and technolgy.

Based on the weak and strong points identified, the project team formulate lessons and recommendations for each topic.

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