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Six Sigma methodology is a corporate initiative, supported at all levels of the corporation. We have been implementing Six Sigma and Design for Six Sigma within our Stage-Gate and portfolio frameworks for about a year. These tool sets are providing an additional set of methodologies and tools to gather information and data, analyze those data, and promote decision making in our project teams, Stage-Gate activities, portfolio management activities, and frontend development activities. The metrics we use within Stage-Gate and portfolio management are easily rolled up into the Six Sigma dashboards. From a technology management perspective, we are training our teams on the various tool sets and methodologies in Design for Six Sigma. This training should strengthen our capabilities at the front end of the innovation pipeline where we need to be focusing our efforts for long-term success.

Rebecca Seibert is technology manager of a group of synthesis and formulation chemists and portfolio manager for petroleum additives at Crompton Corporation, a specialty chemical company. She holds several patents and is responsible for the creation and implementation of ideation, Stage-Gate, and portfolio management processes at Crompton. She is the company representative to the Industrial Research Institute and past chair of IRI's Process Effectiveness Network and holds advanced degrees in chemistry and business marketing strategy.

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