What Others Are Saying About PPM

The chapters in this final section are representative of what is being said about PPM by other experts on the subject. These chapters will help to solidify some of the earlier discussions; some also bring a special point of view or a special wisdom to our understanding of the world of project portfolio management.

We start with Beyond Triple Constraints, authored by long-time colleague Robert Graham, with coauthor Dennis Cohen. Graham has earned an international reputation for his contributions to recognizing the human side of project management. His books and papers on this subject formed the nucleus of my PM library. In Chapter 10.1, Graham and Cohen look at the elements of schedule, cost, and outcome as they are changing with time. They take us to this century, where measurements and decisions are more closely related to shareholder value.

Even before I became a fan of Graham, I was drawn to the philosophy of Rational Decision Making, as presented by Kepner-Tregoe. For close to fifty years, this firm has researched and expounded on structured methods of problem solving and decision making. This was clearly presented in Charles Kepner and Benjamin Tregoe's book, The Rational Manager.1 It was a natural extension of this area of study to move into project management, and even more appropriate to move into project portfolio management since the very nature of PPM is rational decision making. Coauthors James Schlick and Andrew Longman are partners at Kepner-Tregoe and have been the developers of Kepner-Tregoe's capabilities in the PM area. In Chapter 10.2, James Schlick and Andrew Longman show how a rational decision process is a fundamental component of PPM. It will take us out of the constant crises of overextended resources working on the wrong projects.

Superb contributions to the literature on PPM are gushing out of every conceivable source. A valuable resource area is the developers of tools and systems for PPM. In Chapter 10.3, Gil Makleff provides a recipe of the best practices for PPM that teach how to implement a PPM capability.

The Project Management Institute (PMI) has a growing membership, now exceeding well over 100,000 project management practitioners. In Chapter 10.4, PMI's Knowledge and Wisdom Center sets out the basics of project portfolio management.

The excellent and concise overview in Chapter 10.5 by James Pennypacker and Patrick Sepate wraps up our coverage of PPM.

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