Tools for Project Portfolio Management

PPM extends traditional project management practices and tools to situations beyond the planning and control of approved projects. It requires the development and application of some new practices and tools. Effective integration of new and existing practices and tools is essential to PPM success.

Project portfolio management is a set of processes, usually supported by a set of tools (software). Support for PPM requires some supplementary tool support, in addition to the tools that you are already using for traditional project management. But don't throw away the tools that you have been using. You'll still need them. PPM integrates traditional project and business functions. You'll need to integrate your support tools as well.

We start with a brief summary of the first three chapters as a review of the PPM processes and a guide for our evaluation of software requirements for support of PPM. We then use this framework to look at how PPM fits in with other project management practices. Finally, we look at how the various project management and PPM tools work together to support project portfolio management.

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Project Management Made Easy

Project Management Made Easy

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