The Transition to a Business Owned Portfolio Process

This process was initially created from within the technology management ranks. The process owner is one of the managers on the technology management staff. However, the portfolio management system long ago made the transition from a technology-driven process to a business team-owned system. Indicators of this transition are as follows:

• Portfolio management system elements are integrated into the business leader's monthly business team meetings.

• Selected programs are reviewed every month at these business team meetings. If no gate review is scheduled, then one or two

Exhibit 9.1-3 Contents of the Project Management Black Book

Section l:

Executive Summary and Observations, Programs and

Pipeline Charts

Section Z:

Pipeline Planning:

• Plan for Scheduled Reviews

• Some Project Opportunities Not Currently Resourced,

but we are thinking about. . .

• Projects and Ideas for Consideration

Section 3:

Technology Program Updates and Risk Management

• NPPD Programs, SBB Programs, Application

Development Programs

• Accomplishments, Milestones and Issues

Section 4:

Technology Pipeline Analysis Dashboards

• Resource Utilization

• Risks and Rewards

Section 5:

NPPD Projects (organized by project)

• Snapshot Forms

• SS/DfSS Charter Forms

• Milestone and Critical Path Charts

• ECV Analysis Spreadsheets

• Project Description Sheets

Section 6:

Technical Service, Factory Service/Support Base Business


• Snapshot Forms

• SS/DfSS Charter Forms

• Milestone and Critical Path Charts

programs are reviewed with the team for monitoring purposes. The level of detail depends on the issues and decisions needed to be made.

• Application development programs for existing commercial products (as opposed to new product application development, which is managed within new product categories) and operation or support base business-type programs have been added to the portfolio management working meetings. This occurred at the request of the business team.

• Twice a year, business managers and technology managers on a worldwide basis participate in the working portfolio management meetings. Attendance is mandatory.

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