"IS projects are not integrated with and don't seem to support business needs. They don't talk to the business. It's as if IS is only interested in playing with new technology or preventing me from solving my information needs for myself!" "IS resources and technologies aren't fully targeted at high-value initiatives tied to business goals and objectives."

Who Says. Business staff.

Interpretation. The business representative believes this to be the case. If this observation is true, only PPM will correct the problem. If this observation is more a matter of perception and not fact, only PPM will demonstrate the true degree of disconnect and convince the business representative that the right work is being done for the right reasons.

Solution. The goal of portfolio management is to eliminate the trivial many projects and focus on the critical few that align with organizational strategy. The selection process should require clearly defined objectives from the business and ensure that the right projects flow through the pipeline to meet these needs. Use PPM to formalize the truth of IS effectiveness. Require the business to own the results of project selection, so that decisions not to pursue projects are not blamed on IS but rather are considered the positive results of a sound process.

Benefit. IS-business relationships are strengthened by creating an agreed-on forum for project discussion and a joint process that all parties own. Technology is made subordinate to business imperatives. Business representatives begin to understand the importance of architectural initiatives and standards (previously viewed as "playing with technology") and the challenges that IS organizations face in executing projects.

How Implemented

• Apply the PPM techniques described in this chapter to ensure shared understanding of challenges in the organization and responses to these challenges.

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