"I know I can't do all these projects. How can I push back within reason?" A variant of this is, "Some of my staff are ultra busy, and some seem to be idle. I try to smooth their workloads, but it feels as if I'm standing on shifting sands. Those shifting sands are projects coming or going with no apparent warning. I don't know who to hire or when to hire resources to alleviate the peaks."

Comments. PPM, through its application of effective resource management and reliance on cooperation across the organization, prevents the assignment of too many projects to a project manager. The project in-plan and proposed project timings are communicated whenever they are updated, eliminating surprises for functional managers who must oversee execution of the work. Inconsistent resource usage can be alleviated by applying a systematic approach to resource planning that identifies periods of overuse and underuse. Remember that the overall objective is increased throughput for the portfolio and for organizational initiatives in general, not to optimize any one resource (this is the responsibility of the functional managers).

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Project Management Made Easy

Project Management Made Easy

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