"All this business overhead means I won't be able to deliver my project on time."

Comments. Since this concern is often expressed before the project has started, it may go away if the process determines that the project should not be started because of higher priorities. If the project does go ahead, full staffing and fewer conflicting activities mean better progress is possible. The "overhead" process ensures that tighter requirements and scoping focus the project on bare essentials, thereby helping to determine a more realistic deadline. Greater efficiency accrues by not starting a project until all constraining and desired parameters are addressed. A project should be done right before it is done fast. The process ensures efficient execution and, more important, correct execution. When looked at in retrospect, correctly chosen and executed projects happen faster. Clients don't mind spending money or waiting for delivery; they mind spending money and waiting if the system doesn't work.

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Project Management Made Easy

Project Management Made Easy

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