"This is an upper manager's pet project." Who Says. Any staff member.

Interpretation. When a staff member says this, it is confirmation of lack of objective oversight of project selection and prioritization. The staff member means to convey that an effort is sacrosanct simply because an influential manager has adopted it. The sense of fu tility and cynicism that this breeds is evident in the statement. The staff member may also use this to steamroll others into providing resources. The pernicious effects of allowing such a situation to stand are hard to underestimate: power within the organization is based on alignment with influential sponsors and projects of sometimes questionable value. Staff members will not show loyalty to such a system because it is neither fair nor based on mutually recognized principles.

Solution. The solution to this situation is similar to that for statement 5 ("This project is a must-do"). The fundamental fix is to remove inappropriate influence from the organization by redirecting decision making to an empowered governance body that vets all project ideas against strategic objectives and can push back as a group instead of individually.

Benefit. The PPM governing body will act as a balancing mechanism, which cuts down on pet projects over time.

How Implemented

• Follow suggestions outlined elsewhere in this chapter for creating a PPM governing body.

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