Stage Scoping

This first and inexpensive homework stage has the objective of determining the project's technical and marketplace merits. Stage 1 is a quick scoping of the project, involving desk research or detective work; little or no primary research is done here. Stage 1 is often done in less than one calendar month's elapsed time and five to ten person-days' work effort.

A preliminary market assessment is one facet of Stage 1 and involves a variety of relatively inexpensive activities: an Internet search; a library search; contacts with key users, distributors, and salespeople; a survey of competitors' Web pages or literature; focus groups; and even a quick concept test with a handful of potential users. The purpose is to determine market size, market potential, and likely market acceptance and also to begin to shape the product concept.

Concurrently a preliminary technical assessment is carried out, involving a quick and preliminary in-house appraisal of the proposed product. The purpose is to assess development and manufacturing routes (or source of supply), technical and manufacturing/ operations feasibility, possible times and costs to execute, and technical, legal, and regulatory risks and roadblocks.

Stage 1 thus provides for the gathering of both market and technical information, at a low cost and in a short time, to enable a cursory and first-pass financial and business analysis as input to Gate 2. Because of the limited effort and depending on the size of the project, very often Stage 1 can be handled by a team of a few people, usually from marketing and from a technical group.




Stage 2

Scoping Build the

Business Case

Scoping Build the

Business Case

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