Stage Development

Stage 3 witnesses the implementation of the development plan and the physical development of the product. Lab tests, in-house tests, or alpha tests ensure that the product meets requirements under controlled conditions. Also, the production, operations, or source-of-supply process is mapped out.

For lengthy projects, numerous milestones and periodic project reviews are built into the development plan. These are not gates per se: go/kill decisions are not made here. Rather, these milestone check points provide for project control and management. Extensive in-house testing, alpha tests, or lab testing usually occurs at this stage as well. The deliverable at the end of Stage 3 is a lab-tested or alpha prototype of the product.

The emphasis in Stage 3 is on technical work, but marketing and operations activities also proceed in parallel. For example, market analysis and customer feedback work continue concurrently with the technical development, with constant customer opinion sought on the product as it takes shape during development. These activities are back-and-forth or iterative, with each development result (for example, rapid prototype, working model, first prototype) taken to the customer for assessment and feedback: spiral or iterative development. Meanwhile, detailed test plans, market launch plans, and production or operations plans, including production facilities requirements, are developed. An updated financial analysis is prepared, while regulatory, legal, and patent issues are resolved.

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