Project Portfolio Management and the Strategic Project Office

A number of organizations have established strategic project offices (SPOs, sometimes called enterprise project management offices) to improve project management practices across their organizations. The SPO, a relatively small, strategic group, connects executive vision with the work of the organization. Its strategic functions include assessing and promoting project management maturity, creating a project culture, integrating processes and systems enterprise-wide, ensuring enterprisewide project quality, managing resources across projects and portfolios, and project portfolio management.

In many organizations, the SPO owns the PPM process. The SPO ensures that an organization's projects are linked to strategic plans. It may be involved in facilitating the prioritization and project selection processes, and typically it is intimately involved in resource allocation decisions. The SPO also coordinates tracking of the current portfolio, analyzes portfolio performance, and is instrumental in administering the decision gate process for all projects. The SPO ensures that the organization's project portfolio continues to meet the needs of the business, even as these needs continue to change over time. It serves as the critical link between business strategy and execution of tactical plans.

We recommend that organizations consider creating an SPO at the enterprise level, if one is not already in place, to help establish and manage the enterprise portfolio of projects and programs.

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