PPM Techniques and Issues Organizing and Implementing

All the best methods in the world will not help if these methods are not properly implemented and supported in an organization that has been groomed to work with them. How we organize to implement and practice PPM is paramount to its success. Fostering a culture that is supportive of PPM and developing an enlightened and supportive executive are essential stepping-stones to making PPM work. The three chapters in this section provide exceptional guidance to this end.

In Chapter 5.1, Cliff Cohen and Randy Englund make a case for PPM. They present thirty-four typical excuses and complaints and respond with solutions, benefits, and implementation advice. If you have a selling job to do (most people will), this chapter will provide you with the ammunition to convert your stalwart opposition.

In Chapter 5.2, K. C. Yelin discusses the role of the executive. Indeed, PPM is a set of processes aimed specifically at the executive level. Although executives are normally charged with strategic and business management, they often fail to provide the leadership and guidance needed in this area. Yelin clarifies this essential role and paves the way for executive leadership and support.

As soon as we raise the subject of PPM, an immediate question is, "Where does the project management office fit in?" Although there is not a single correct answer to this question, defining this fit is critical to PPM success. In every PPM implementation, the project management office (PMO) will have a significant role. But the PMO does not own the PPM because there are others involved in governance. In Chapter 5.3, Matt Light discusses the role of the PMO and IT governance.

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