PPM Governance Council

One of the impediments to having a PPM process is that most of the people mentioned above have their specific territories to oversee. They typically are not motivated to spend their time on PPM and are unlikely to have the specific skills, practices, and tools to participate fully in this important function.

Although this senior management group must carry full responsibility for PPM and approve all major decisions, the process can be centered just below this level, at the PPM governance council. (In information systems organizations, this group is often called the IT governance council or the IT business management team.) The governance council can consist of any of the senior positions noted above or high-level designated representatives of these officer-level people. It is the PPM governance council that is charged with the responsibility for the key decisions that affect the project portfolio.

The senior officers, in adopting a PPM process, must provide the overall leadership of the process. In this regard, the CEO, with the support and participation of other key officials, will announce the implementation of the PPM process. A PPM charter declaration will be issued, explaining the need for and purpose of the PPM process, the roles of all participants, and the makeup of the initial governance council. The PPM charter declaration will spell out the specific responsibilities of the governance council and note when the council must elevate issues and decisions to senior management. PPM orientation sessions will be conducted to present the new PPM processes and answer questions about each defined role.

The governance council, working with the PMO, will meet and communicate regularly to ensure that the information needed to select projects and manage the pipeline is available and that decisions are made based on this data.

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Project Management Made Easy

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