Portfolio Documentation

The portfolio documentation required for consideration for optimum resourcing consist of the following elements:

1. Project-level information form

2. Project snapshot form14

3. Anchored scales

4. Expected commercial value financial analysis

Figure 9.1-3 Portfolio Management Review Process Flowchart

Petroleum Additives Division Portfolio Management Review Process

Prepare R&D Project Data Sheet and Snapshot

<Technology Manager, Marketing Manager, others>

Strawman Business Adjusted Portfolio assigned: Projects selected and prioritized based on 1) Financial impact, technical and commercial risks, and Non-financial Benefit AND 2) Resource availability

<Business-Technology Team>

Review Project Data Sheets and Snapshots for accuracy, clarity, thoroughness, and familiarity)

Rate Projects

With Anchored Scales jointly between R&D and Business Management

Rank (Sort) Projects

1- Urgency

2- Finanical

- Combined Risk

<Business-Technology Team>

<Business-Technology Team>

<PM Process Owner Technology Manager>

If NO, redo initial portfolio assignment at a higher cut point

<Business-Technology Team>

<Business-Technology Team>

If NO, redo initial portfolio assignment at a higher cut point

Initial Portfolio assigned Projects with Highly Urgent 5 and Urgent 4 Ratings.

Risk & Resource Adjusted Portfolio Chosen:

Compare risks of portfolio to business standards and availability of resources; evaluate alternative adjustments

<Business-Technology Team, including VP>

Review and approval with executive staff

5. Design for Six Sigma or Six Sigma charter form, if appropriate15

6. Project plan containing milestones, critical tasks, and resource requirements

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