Key Tools of the Global PMO

One of the main roles of any PMO is to define a standard set of key tools for the organization to use to manage its projects with consistency:

• Primavera TeamPlay—Enterprise Project Management System.

• HP Methodology—Customized methodology developed to provide a model approach to deliver all HP projects. It includes key deliverables and promotes the use of best practices that increase a project's probability of success. The methodology is integrated with the Enterprise Project Management System.

• Principles—Sixteen Key Principles of Project Management.

• Policies—A small set of three visible and straightforward statements of position with intention and direction that are aligned with principles and require mandatory adherence.

• Standards—Aligned with principles and policies and providing more details on operational processes.

• Guidelines—How-to steps for the Enterprise Project Management System, TeamPlay, and Methodology processes.

• Strategic Road Map—Plan of record (POR) defined every six months outlining the major programs for the next six-month period for each organization

• CIO Steering Review Board—PMO, financial, and enterprise architecture reviews followed by final review and program approval by the CIO

• Categorization of programs/projects (A, B, C)

• Weekly executive-level program scorecard reports

• Program health tracking metrics

• Extended PMO teams in each HP organization

• Global PMO Web site where all of these tools and training are readily available along with operational status reports

In addition, the Global PMO drives system integration of the Enterprise Project Management Systems (Primavera TeamPlay) with other key enterprise management systems to reduce data error/

redundancy (PeopleSoft interface), maximize project and program financial tracking (SAP Interface), increase administration and support productivity, and provide a 360-degree vertical and horizontal view of the enterprise's programs and projects.

There are many examples of the importance of the enterprise system and its integration with other corporate repositories. Often one of the most difficult challenges in project management is to maintain a clean, consistent resource pool. Because most organizations use stand-alone PC-based project management tools, the same resource usually will be shown on multiple project plans working over forty hours per week on each one, and therefore the data about that "duplicated" resource is completely bogus no matter how detailed the individual project plans may be. With a true enterprise-scale system and one common central resource pool, fed from the official HR system, a person is listed once and only once; the resource is not duplicated, and the planning information is therefore accurate.

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