IT Management and Governance The Backbone System for World Class IT

The information backbone of an enterprise comprises various systems of record. Examples include accounting, procurement, inventory control, and customer support. Just as these are the backbone systems of the business units, so is an IT-MG system the backbone for world-class IT returns.

The IT-MG system's seamless melding of portfolio management with project and process management is a compelling marriage of the strategic to the tactical: a structured investment allocation decision framework that drives, and is informed by, a system for precise tactical execution. Add to this mix the vital supporting functions of resource planning and project-based financial management, and the result is the comprehensive system needed for IT control and visibility.

IT governance is a hot topic today for good reason. IT continues to be very expensive, more than occasionally frustrating, and at least as important as ever before. Thus, control and visibility are required, which means proper governance. Satisfying these requirements in large IT shops, even those that have outsourced large chunks of their portfolios, requires a proper backbone system. The rise of IT-MG systems is therefore perfectly timed for IT today. With such a system, CIOs can more effectively step up to the same level of management capabilities as their peers on the executive committee. Just as manufacturing emerged stronger and more nimble after meeting the challenge of electronics and just-in-time delivery, so will IT emerge as more controlled, predictable, transparent, and valuable to the success of the enterprise.

David Hurwitz is responsible for Niku's outbound marketing strategies and programs. He has nearly twenty years of experience in enterprise application management and marketing and has played key roles in a number of Silicon Valley companies. Most recently, he was vice president of marketing and strategy at Perfect Commerce, an innovative provider of strategic sourcing and enterprise supply management software.

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