Gorillas in the Portfolio

Recognizing the extreme sensitivity of time-to-market, we have to be very careful of the values that we declare for the potential benefits from transformation projects. If we assume that we will be first-to-market (the gorilla), the declared benefits will be exceedingly higher than not being the leader. If we do use the higher figures, we have to make sure that the project has enough visibility and priority to meet the window of opportunity. As long as the project remains on track to be a gorilla, it should rate the highest priority for critical resources.

We have to continually monitor the position of the project against the window of opportunity. If it looks as if the window will be missed and corrective actions are not available, the benefit calculations will have to be revised. This may change the ranking of the project.

The gorilla portfolio should have continual executive attention. The success of its component projects represents the highest benefit-to-cost potential among all projects and portfolios. Time-to-market is a critical aspect of these projects. The one who scores first almost always wins.

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