Global PMO Key Principles of Project Management

Many successful organizations have established a principle-driven model to help guide their employees to take the correct actions and do the right things when direct supervision isn't available and no one is watching. The U.S. Marines is an example of an organization where a set of well-known principles guides the troops in the field. The PMO also established a set of principles to help guide the work of project managers and team members:

1. Project plans accurately reflect the work our people are doing.

2. All significant IT work has a project plan, and the plan is used to manage the work.

3. All IT Projects are managed in the TeamPlay system.

4. Projects go through a formal approval process—with an identified ROI.

5. Projects are managed with an approved methodology.

6. Projects have a WBS [work breakdown structure] with key milestones and a critical path identified.

7. All Project Plans must have a saved baseline.

8. Projects should generally be planned to last no more than 1 year.

9. Project actual data (costs/hours worked) results are updated once per week.

10. Project Plans are Scheduled (updated) at least once each week.

11. All Activities/Tasks have at least 1 specific resource or a role assigned.

12. Projects have all supporting documentation (Charter, ROI, etc.) linked to the plan.

13. Projects conduct formal Phase Exit reviews at all significant transitions.

14. Projects follow HP Corporate Policies—with all the required project information, codes, & financials established

15. Lessons Learned are compiled on all projects.

16. The appropriate level of project management discipline, process, and quality is applied to each project based on its scope, cost, and impact.

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