Framework Description

To make the case for PPM, it is necessary to demonstrate how PPM can address real and immediate problems in the project environment. This is best accomplished in the following ways:

• Soliciting the input of coworkers to isolate known problems (obtaining statements)

• Considering the sources of input (identifying who says)

• Correctly analyzing feedback based on the sources and natures of problems (making interpretations)

• Developing potential solutions

• Outlining business- and resource-related benefits accruing from implementation of suggested solutions

• Identifying PPM specific action items designed to realize solutions and benefits (specifying how implemented)

• Documenting and communicating findings to achieve PPM acceptance

The intent is to capture as close as possible the voice of the customer by using people's actual words. In this way, they recognize their words or thoughts and are ready to listen to the response. The response needs to speak the language of the receiver (that is, speak upper management talk to upper managers and project talk to team members) so very little translation is required to understand the message. Basically, the goal is to apply fundamental fixes to how the organization addresses these problems and how people think about them.

Following are fifteen examples of how the framework can be used to organize information and develop operating principles. Additional material is then provided that can benefit from similar analysis. Readers may use these examples as raw material when making the case for PPM in their organizations. In presenting this information to senior management, heed the advice of Neal Whit-ten, who states that when seeking the support of senior management, it is necessary to describe the problem in as few words as possible, provide a suggested solution to the problem with backup solutions if needed, and communicate specifically how senior management can help. The proposed framework supports this approach by isolating problems that impede organizational efficiency, identifying meaningful solutions, and specifying action items that can be supported in various ways by senior management.

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