Dont Overwhelm the Organization with a Big Bang Approach

Each organization is different in terms of its level of maturity and ability to handle change. A phased approach should be used based on the company's internal PPM maturity. Specifically, organizations should:

• Identify PPM focus areas through a gap analysis. Maximize the chances of success with a gap analysis before applying any framework. The gap analysis provides an understanding of your current capability maturity versus industry best practices. Areas of greatest need are identified, and the customized target PPM environment is established for the organization. There are typically many valuable existing PPM processes that should be built on, not discarded.

• Communicate within the organization using a proof of concept, either in parallel to existing budgeting and planning activities or well before yearly planning. In many cases, participants in the budgeting and planning process require tangible views of the value that PPM provides. A proof of concept is an excellent way to facilitate the communication of that value using data that participants relate to and with terminology specific to their needs.

• Roll out PPM with less-than-perfect information. There is never a good time to initiate a change process. Information is never perfect. You will always find opinions from those not interested in increased transparency that PPM may not be the right approach because of less-than-perfect data or an insufficient methodology. In fact, PPM is a process that engenders systemic and organization thinking and has self-correcting mechanisms that enhance results over time.

Whatever approach and tools are selected, never:

• Go too long without showing results. A perception that this approach is time-consuming is fatal.

• Run PPM in a "lab" environment without active business management support and participation. A perception that PPM is theoretical will cause a disconnect with the business client.

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