Staggering Projects In The Portfolio

15.1 What are the biggest dos and don'ts for the PMO to consider when performing resource portfolio management?

15.2 Why should the resource portfolio contain a minimum of information?

15.3 Why do many PMOs focus on implementing detailed time sheet reporting from resources, especially in IT functions? What is wrong with this focus?

15.4 When starting a new PMO, what are the steps that need to be taken to have a final resource portfolio?

15.5 Describe the connections between the resource portfolio, the project portfolio, the asset portfolio, and the goals and objectives portfolio.

15.6 True or false: Resource portfolios should have named individuals.

15.7 What would make a project manager cooperate with the PMO by using the PMO's resource pool definitions and submitting a resource-based project plan? What value should the project manager expect back?

15.8 Why do the authors suggest that resource pools typically number between 25 to 50 in any organization? Why not 5? Why not 200?

15.9 What do the authors mean by their suggestion that resource portfolio management be done at a macro, rather than a micro, level?

15.10 Describe how a PMO might identify the organization's strategic resource in a multi-project environment and what is meant by the term "staggering projects."


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