Pmo Management Styles Strong Matrix Vs Weak Matrix

The four PMO models do not always work well with a particular management matrix style. The "Project Coaching" Model may not work well where a strong matrix is required because it relies on voluntary acceptance of the coaching. If some projects are in big trouble and forced cooperation and prioritization from senior management is required, then coaching will simply not be enough to overcome the problems.

The other PMO models will work with either matrix style, but the results to be gained will be significantly less if the wrong choice is made. In choosing the correct PMO style, consideration should be given to the maturity level of the project management community. If rigor and discipline is required, a strong matrix environment will support it best.

If project delivery suffers from late projects and cost overruns, rigor and discipline is initially required with a planned move toward a consultative-and throughput-based PMO model once the PMO model has settled in. It is always better to have PMO buy-in from the work force than to force PMO work on them.

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