Using A Checklist

To assist a company in evaluating inquiries and preparing proposals and contracts, a checklist of contract considerations and provisions can be helpful in the evaluation of each proposal and form of contract to insure that appropriate safeguards are incorporated. This checklist is also used for sales letters and brochures that may promise or represent a commercial commitment. Its primary purpose is to remind users of the legal and commercial factors that should be considered in preparing proposals and contracts. Table 21-2 shows the typical major headings that would be considered in a checklist. A key word concept also provides an excellent checklist of the key issues to be considered. It will be useful as a reminder in preparation for contractor-client agreement discussions.

The following contract provisions will minimize risk, and should be included in proposals and contracts:

• Scope of services and description of project

• Contract administration

• Terms of payment

• Client obligation and supplied items

• Warranties and guarantees

• Liability limitation and consequential damages

Project Management Made Easy

Project Management Made Easy

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