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Because of the variations among proposals and contracts, it is not feasible to prepare material specifically suited for each situation. It is also not practical to establish a standard form of contract or standard provisions to be included in a contract.

However, an increasing number of clients have certain set ideas as to the content of the proposal and contract. Therefore, it would be extremely helpful to develop a standard list and file of draft contract clauses that could be used with some modification for each bid. In addition, because clients occasionally ask for a "typical" contract, the draft clauses can be combined into a "typical" or "draft" contract that can be given to a client. Even though this "typical" contract agreement may not be sufficient for every situation, it can be a starting place. It would also be valuable to maintain a summary of commercially oriented company policies for reference in reviewing a client's contract provisions.

Negotiating for the type of contract is a two-way street. The contractor desires a certain type of contract to reduce risk. The client desires a certain type of contract to reduce costs. Often the client and contractor disagree. It is not uncommon in industry for prospective projects to be canceled because of lack of funds, disagreements in contract negotiations, or changing of priorities.

Project Management Made Easy

Project Management Made Easy

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