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The project team is a combination of the project office and functional employees as shown in Figure 4-6. Although the figure identifies the project office personnel as assistant project managers, some employees may not have any such title. The advantage of such a title is that it entitles the employee to speak directly to the customer. For example, the project engineer might also be called the assistant project manager for engineering. The title is important because when the assistant project manager speaks to the customer, he represents the company, whereas the functional employee represents himself.

The project office is an organization developed to support the project manager in carrying out his duties. Project office personnel must have the same dedication toward the project as the project manager and must have good working relationships with both the project and functional managers. The responsibilities of the project office include:

• Acting as the focal point of information for both in-house control and customer reporting

• Controlling time, cost, and performance to adhere to contractual requirements

• Ensuring that all work required is documented and distributed to all key personnel

10. C. Ray Gullett, "Personnel Management in the Project Environment," Personnel Administration/Public Personnel Review, November-December 1972, pp. 17-22.

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