tion. In 1987, this need was recognized at the national level with the establishment of the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award. The award is presented to those companies that have achieved a level of world-class competition through quality management of products and services.

The criteria for the award include:

• The leadership category: Examines primarily how the senior executives create and sustain a clear and visible quality value system along with a supporting management system to guide all activities of the company. Also examines the senior executives' and the company's leadership and support of quality developments both inside and outside the company.

• The strategic planning category: Examines how the company sets strategic directions, and how it determines key action plans. Also examines how the plans are translated into an effective performance management system.

• The customer and market focus category: Examines how the company determines requirements and expectations of customers and markets. Also examines how the company enhances relationships with customers and determines their satisfaction.

• The information and analysis category: Examines the management and effectiveness of the use of data and information to support key company processes and the company's performance management system.

• The human resource development and management category: Examines how the workforce is enabled to develop and utilize its full potential, aligned with the company's objectives. Also examines the company's efforts to build and maintain an environment conducive to performance excellence, full participation, and personal and organizational growth.

• The process management category: Examines the key aspects of process management, including customer-focused design, product, and service delivery processes, support processes, and supplier and partnering processes involving all work units. The category examines how key processes are designed, effectively managed, and improved to achieve better performance.

• The business results category: Examines the company's performance and improvement in key business areas: customer satisfaction, financial and marketplace performance, human resource, supplier and partner performance, and operational performance. Also examined are performance levels relative to competitors.

Some companies that have been honored with the award include IBM, General Motors, Xerox, Kodak, AT&T, Westinghouse, Federal Express, Ritz-Carlton, Armstrong Building Products, and Motorola. Generally speaking, only two or three companies a year win the award.

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