Table Types Of Plans

Type of Plan



Configuration management


Logistics support




Quality assurance






How much money is allocated to each event? How are technical changes made? What facilities resources are available? How will replacements be handled? How is the program office organized? What are the time-phase manufacturing events?

What are my sources? Should I make or buy? If vendors are not qualified, how shall I qualify them? How will I guarantee specifications will be met? What are the technical activities? Are all critical dates accounted for? What are my time-phased tooling requirements? How will I maintain qualified personnel? How will goods and services be shipped?

FIGURE 11-1S. Program direction activities.

show that twenty-five items are to be tested. If the contractor develops cost overrun problems, he may wish to revert to the SOW and test only fifteen items. Contractually, he may do this without informing the customer. In most cases, however, the customer is notified, and the program is revised.

Project Management Made Easy

Project Management Made Easy

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