Table Risk Categories At Boeing

Type of Risk Risk Description

Risk Handling Strategy

Financial Up-front funding and payback period based upon number of planes sold

Market Forecasting customers' expectations on cost, configuration, and amenities based upon a 30-40 year life of a plane Technical Because of the long lifetime for a plane, must forecast technology and its impact on cost, safety, reliability, and maintainability

Production Coordination of manufacturing and assembly of a large number of subcontractors without impacting cost, schedule, quality, or safety

Funding by life-cycle phases Continuous financial risk management Sharing risks with subcontractors Risk reevaluation based upon sales commitments

Close customer contact and input Willingness to custom-design per customer Develop a baseline design that allows for customization

A structured change management process Using proven designs and technology rather than unproven designs and high risk technology

Parallel product improvement and new product development processes Close working relationships with subcontractors

A structured change management process Lessons learned from other new airplane programs

Use of learning curves

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