Table Project Guidelines

Program Manager

The program manager is responsible for overall program direction, control, and coordination; and is the principal contact with the program management of the customer.

To achieve the program objectives, the program manager utilizes the services of the functional organizations in accordance with the prescribed division policies and procedures affecting the functional organizations.

The program manager establishes program and technical policy as defined by management policy.

The program manager is responsible for the progress being made as well as the effectiveness of the total program.

Integrates research, development, production, procurement, quality assurance, product support, test, and financial and contractual aspects.

Approves detailed performance specifications, pertinent physical characteristics, and functional design criteria to meet the program's development or operational requirements. Ensures preparation of. and approves, overall plan, budgets, and work statements essential to the integration of system elements. Directs the preparation and maintenance of a time. cost, and performance schedule to ensure the orderly progress of the program.

Functional Manager

The functional organization managers are responsible for supporting the program manager in the performance of the contract(s) and in accordance with the terms of the contract(s) and are accountable to their cognizant managers for the total performance.

The functional support organizations perform all work within their functional areas for all programs within the cost, schedule, quality, and specifications established by contract for the program so as to assist the program manager in achieving the program objectives.

The functional support organization management seeks out or initiates innovations, methods, improvements, or other means that will enable that function to better schedule commitments, reduce cost, improve quality, or otherwise render exemplary performance as approved by the program manager.


The program manager determines what will be done: he obtains, through the assigned program team members, the assistance and concurrence of the functional support organizations in determining the definitive requirements and objectives of the program.

The functional organizations determine how the work will be done.

The program manager operates within prescribed division policies and procedures except where requirements of a particular program necessitate deviations or modifications as approved by the general manager. The functional support organizations provide strong, aggressive support to the program managers.

The program manager relies on the functional support program team members for carrying out specific program assignments.

Program managers and the functional support program team members are jointly responsible for ensuring that unresolved conflicts between requirements levied on functional organizations by different program managers are brought to the attention of management.


Program Manager

Functional Manager


Coordinates and approves subcontract work statement, schedules, contract type, and price for major "buy" items.

Coordinates and approves vendor evaluation and source selections in conjunction with procurement representative to the program team.

Program decision authority rests with the program manager for all matters relating to his assigned program, consistent with division policy and the responsibilities assigned by the general manager.

Program managers do not make decisions that are the responsibility of the functional support organizations as defined in division policies and procedures and/or as assigned by the general manager.

Functional organization managers do not request decisions of a program manager that are not within the program manager's delineated authority and responsibility and that do not affect the requirements of the program.

Functional organizations do not make program decisions that are the responsibility of the program manager.

Joint participation in problem solution is essential to providing satisfactory decisions that fulfill overall program and company objectives, and is accomplished by the program manager and the assigned program team members.

In arriving at program decisions, the program manager obtains the assistance and concurrence of cognizant functional support managers, through the cognizant program team member, since they are held accountable for their support of each program and for overall division functional performance.

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