Table Estimating Manual Table Of Contents


Purpose and types of estimates Major Estimating Tools Cataloged equipment costs Automated investment data system Automated estimate system Computerized methods and procedures Classes of Estimates Definitive estimate Capital cost estimate Appropriation estimate Feasibility estimate Order of magnitude

Charts—estimate specifications quantity and pricing guidelines Data Required

Chart—comparing data required for preparation of classes of estimates Presentation Specifications Estimate procedure—general Estimate procedure for definitive estimate Estimate procedure for capital cost estimate Estimate procedure for appropriation estimate Estimate procedure for feasibility estimate manuals other than for benchmark, repetitive laboratory tests. Proposal managers must carefully consider whether the estimating manual is a viable approach. The literature abounds with examples of companies that have spent millions trying to develop estimating manuals for situations that just do not lend themselves to the approach.

During competitive bidding, it is important that the type of estimate be consistent with the customer's requirements. For in-house projects, the type of estimate can vary over the life cycle of a project:

• Conceptual stage: Venture guidance or feasibility studies for the evaluation of future work. This estimating is often based on minimum-scope information.

• Planning stage: Estimating for authorization of partial or full funds. These estimates are based on preliminary design and scope.

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