Table Communications Policy

Program Manager

Functional Manager


The program manager utilizes existing authorized communications media to the maximum extent rather than create new ones.

Communications up. down, and laterally are essential elements to the success of programs in a multiprogram organization, and to the morale and motivation of supporting functional organizations. In principle, communication from the program manager should be channeled through the program team member to functional managers.

Approves program plans, subdivided work description, and/or work authorizations, and schedules defining specific program requirements.

Assures his organization's compliance with all such program direction received.

Program definition must be within the scope of the contract as expressed in the program plan and work breakdown structure.

Signs correspondence that provides program direction to functional organizations. Signs correspondence addressed to the customer that pertains to the program except that which has been expressly assigned by the general manager, the function organizations, or higher management in accordance with division policy.

Assures his organization's compliance with all such program direction received. Functional manager provides the program manager with copies of all "Program" correspondence released by his organization that may affect program performance. Ensures that the program manager is aware of correspondence with unusual content, on an exception basis, through the cognizant program team member or directly if such action is warranted by the gravity of the situation.

In the program manager's absence, the signature authority is transferred upward to his reporting superior unless an acting program manager has been designated. Signature authority for correspondence will be consistent with established division policy.

Reports program results and accomplishments to the customer and to the general manager, keeping them informed of significant problems and events.

Participates in program reviews, being aware of and prepared in matters related to his functional specialty. Keeps his line or staff management and cognizant program team member informed of significant problems and events relating to any program in which his personnel are involved.

Status reporting is the responsibility of functional specialists. The program manager utilizes the specialist organizations. The specialists retain their own channels to the general manager but must keep the program manager informed.

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