Table Changing Views Of Quality

Past Present

Quality is the responsibility of blue-collar workers and direct labor employees working on the floor

Quality is everyone's responsibility, including white-collar workers, the indirect labor force, and the overhead staff

Quality defects should be hidden from the customers (and possibly management)

Defects should be high-lighted and brought to the surface for corrective action

Quality problems lead to blame, faulty justification, and excuses

Quality problems lead to cooperative solutions

Corrections-to-quality problems should be accomplished with minimum documentation

Documentation is essential for "lessons learned" so that mistakes are not repeated

Increased quality will increase project costs

Improved quality saves money and increases business

Quality is internally focused

Quality is customer focused

Quality will not occur without close supervision of people

People want to produce quality products

Quality occurs during project execution

Quality occurs at project initiation and must be planned for within the project

Definition of Quality

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Project Management Made Easy

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