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FIGURE 5-6. Significance of factors of support to project management. Source: Seminar in Project Management Workbook, © 1979 by Hans J. Thamhain. Reproduced by permission.

they wish to avoid. Penalty power usually derives from the same source as reward power, with one being a necessary condition for the other.

• Expert power: the ability to gain support because personnel perceive the project manager as possessing special knowledge or expertise (that functional personnel consider as important).

• Referent power: the ability to gain support because project personnel feel personally attracted to the project manager or his project.

The following six situations are examples of referent power (the first two are also reward power):

• The employee might be able to get personal favors from the project manager.

• The employee feels that the project manager is a winner and the rewards will be passed down to the employee.

• The employee and the project manager have strong ties, such as the same foursome for golf.

• The employee likes the project manager's manner of treating people.

• The employee wants identification with a specific product or product line.

• The employee has personal problems and believes that he can get empathy or understanding from the project manager.

Figure 5-6 shows how project managers perceive their influence style.

Like relative power, interpersonal influences can be identified with various project organizational forms as to their relative value. This is shown in Figure 5-7.

For any temporary management structure to be effective, there must exist a rational balance of power between functional and project management. Unfortunately, a balance of equal power is often impossible to obtain because each project is inherently different from others, and the project managers possess different leadership abilities.

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