Smoothing Out Department Manhours

The dotted curve in Figure 14-8 indicates projected manpower requirements for a given department as a result of a typical program manloading schedule. Department managers, however, attempt to smooth out the manpower curve as shown by the solid line in Figure 14-8. Smoothing out the manpower requirements benefits department managers by eliminating fractional man-hours per day. The program manager must understand that if departments are permitted to eliminate peaks, valleys, and small-step functions in manpower planning, small project and task man-hour (and cost) variances can occur, but should not, in general, affect the total program cost significantly.

Two important questions to ask are whether the department has sufficient personnel available to fulfill manpower requirements and what is the rate at which the functional departments can staff the program? For example, project engineering requires approximately twenty-three people during January 2002. The functional manager, however, may have

Project Management Made Easy

Project Management Made Easy

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