Risk Monitoring

grated fashion. As such, it provides a basis to determine if risk handling actions are achieving their forecasted results.

• Program metrics: These are formal, periodic performance assessments of the selected development processes, evaluating how well the development process is achieving its objective. This technique can be used to monitor corrective actions that emerged from an assessment of critical program processes.

• Schedule performance monitoring: This is the use of program schedule data to evaluate how well the program is progressing to completion.

• Technical performance measurement (TPM): TPM is a product design assessment that estimates, through engineering analysis and tests, the values of essential performance parameters of the current design as effected by risk handling actions.

The indicator system and periodic reassessments of program risk should provide the program with the means to incorporate risk management into the overall program management structure. Finally, a well-defined test and evaluation program is often a key element in monitoring the performance of selected risk handling approaches and developing new risk assessments.

Project Management Made Easy

Project Management Made Easy

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