Requisition Cycle

Once the requirements are identified, a requisition form is sent to procurement to begin the requisition process. The requisition cycle includes:

• Evaluating/confirming specifications (are they current?)

• Confirming sources

• Reviewing past performance of sources

• Producing solicitation package

The solicitation package is prepared during the requisition cycle but utilized during the solicitation cycle. In most situations, the same solicitation package must be sent to each possible supplier so that the playing field is level. A typical solicitation package would include:

• Bid documents (usually standardized)

• Listing of qualified vendors (expected to bid)

• Proposal evaluation criteria

• Bidder conferences

• How change requests will be managed

• Supplier payment plan

Standardized bid documents usually include standard forms for compliance with EEO, affirmative action, OSHA/EPA, minority hiring, and so on. A listing of qualified vendors appears in order to drive down the cost. Quite often, one vendor will not bid on the job because it knows that it cannot submit a lower bid than one of the other vendors. The cost of bidding on a job is an expensive process.

Bidder conferences are used so that no single bidder has more knowledge than others. If a potential bidder has a question concerning the solicitation package, then it must wait for the bidders' conference to ask the question so that all bidders will be privileged to the same information. This is particularly important in government contracting. There may be several bidders' conferences between solicitation and award. Project management may or may not be involved in the bidders' conferences, either from the customer's side or the contractor's side.

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