Quality Circles

Quality circles are small groups of employees who meet frequently to help resolve company quality problems and provide recommendations to management. Quality circles were initially developed in Japan and have achieved some degree of success in the United States.

The employees involved in quality circles meet frequently either at someone's home or at the plant before the shift begins. The group identifies problems, analyzes data, recommends solutions, and carries out management-approved changes. The success of quality circles is heavily based upon management's willingness to listen to employee recommendations.

The key elements of quality circles include:

• They are completely voluntary.

• Employees are trained in group dynamics, motivation, communications, and problem solving.

• Members rely upon each other for help.

• Management support is active but as needed.

• Creativity is encouraged.

• Management listens to recommendations.

The benefits of quality circles include:

• Improved quality of products and services

• Better organizational communications

• Improved worker performance

• Improved morale

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