Project Management Growth Concepts And Definitions Ss

PM Milestone Project Management Templates

PM Milestone Project Management Templates

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2.0 Introduction 33

2.1 General Systems Management 34

2.2 Project Management: 1945-1960 34

2.3 Project Management: 1960-1985 35

2.4 Project Management: 1985-2003 47

2.5 Resistance to Change 51

2.6 Systems, Programs, and Projects: A Definition 55

2.7 Product versus Project Management: A Definition 58

2.8 Maturity and Excellence: A Definition 59

2.9 Informal Project Management: A Definition 60

2.10 The Many Faces of Success 61

2.11 The Many Faces of Failure 64

2.12 The Stage-Gate Process 67

2.13 Project Life Cycles 69

2.14 Project Management Methodologies: A Definition 75

2.15 Change Management and Corporate Cultures 77

2.16 Systems Thinking 82

Problems 85

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Project Management Made Easy

Project Management Made Easy

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