2-1 Can the organizational chart of a company be considered as a systems model? If so, what kind of systems model?

2-2 Do you think that someone could be a good systems manager but a poor project manager? What about the reverse situation? State any assumptions that you may have to make.

2-3 Can we consider R&D as a system? If so, under what circumstances?

2-4 For each of the following projects, state whether we are discussing an open, closed, or extended system:

a. A high-technology project b. New product R&D

c. An on-line computer system for a bank d. Construction of a chemical plant e. Developing an in-house cost accounting reporting system

2-5 Can an entire organization be considered as a model? If so, what type?

2-6 Systems can be defined as a combination or interrelationship of subsystems. Does a project have subsystems?

2-7 If a system can, in fact, be broken down into subsystems, what problems can occur during integration?

2-8 How could suboptimization occur during systems thinking and analysis?

2-9 Would a cost-benefit analysis be easier or harder to perform in a traditional or project management organizational structure?

2-10 What impact could the product life cycle have on the selection of the project organizational structure?

2-11 In the development of a system, what criteria should be used to determine where one phase begins and another ends and where overlap can occur?

2-12 Consider the following expression: "Damn the torpedoes: full-speed ahead." Is it possible that this military philosophy can be applied to project management and lead to project success?

Project Management Made Easy

Project Management Made Easy

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