Precedence Networks

In recent years there has been an explosion in project management software packages. Small packages may sell for a few thousand dollars, whereas the price for larger packages may be tens of thousands of dollars. Computerized project management can provide answers to such questions as:

• How will the project be affected by limited resources?

• How will the project be affected by a change in the requirements?

• What is the cash flow for the project (and for each WBS element)?

• What is the impact of overtime?

• What additional resources are needed to meet the constraints of the project?

• How will a change in the priority of a certain WBS element affect the total project?

The more sophisticated packages can provide answers to schedule and cost based on:

• Adverse weather conditions

• Weekend activities

• Unleveled manpower requirements

• Variable crew size

• Splitting of activities

• Assignment of unused resources



Regardless of the sophistication of computer systems, printers and plotters prefer to draw straight lines rather than circles. Most software systems today use precedence networks, as shown in Figure 12-22, which attempt to show interrelationships on bar charts. In Figure 12-22, task 1 and task 2 are related because of the solid line between them. Task 3 and task 4 can begin when task 2 is half finished. (This cannot be shown easily on PERT without splitting activities.) The dotted lines indicate slack. The critical path can be identified by putting an asterisk (*) beside the critical elements, or by putting the critical connections in a different color or boldface.

The more sophisticated software packages display precedence networks in the format shown in Figure 12-23. In each of these figures, work is accomplished during the activity. This is sometimes referred to as the activity-on-node method. The arrow represents the relationship or constraint between activities.

Project Management Made Easy

Project Management Made Easy

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