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1.0 Introduction 1

1.1 Understanding Project Management 2

1.2 Defining Project Success 6

1.3 The Project Manager-Line Manager Interface l

1.4 Defining the Project Manager's Role 9

1.5 Defining the Functional Manager's Role 11

1.6 Defining the Functional Employee's Role 14 l.l Defining the Executive's Role 14

1.8 Working with Executives 15

1.9 The Project Manager as the Planning Agent 16

1.10 Project Champions ll

1.11 The Downside of Project Management 18

1.12 Project-Driven versus Non-Project-Driven Organizations 19

1.13 Marketing in the Project-Driven Organization 21

1.14 Classification of Projects 23

1.15 Location of the Project Manager 24

1.16 Differing Views of Project Management 26

l.ll Concurrent Engineering: A Project Management Approach 2l

Problems 2l

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Project Management Made Easy

Project Management Made Easy

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